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About Me

Alexis Coates is the founder of BlackBusinessReview.net. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Alexis grew up in the inner city in a close-knit environment with his parents and siblings. He is a serial entrepreneur, community leader, and businessman who is committed to building legacy businesses for his family and community.

After attending college and playing professional basketball internationally, Alexis knew he wanted to go into business for himself. His first company was in the telecommunications industry. With that company, he got his first big break in business by winning a city government IT contract. During the process of competing and ultimately winning government contracts, Alexis learned first-hand the necessity of building strong relationships and partnerships in business.

These lessons served Alexis well as he went on to build innovative companies in the technology sector, where he raised multiple six-figure investments for educational technology and software development. Because of his creative approach to connecting teachers, students, and parents, Alexis saw his first company’s technology integrated into the public school districts. His achievements in the Edtech sector are among the many highlights of his entrepreneurial life.

Alexis has been recognized as a leader in education and served a term as board chair of the National Academy Foundation High School in Baltimore, MD. He has also been honored in business by awards including Product of the Year for his educational software, Innovator of the Year by The Daily Record, and Business Leader of the Year by BMORE Media among many others.

As founder of BlackBusinessReview.net, Alexis is building the premier news portal for business and political news impacting Black people around the world. The BlackBusinessReview™ brand is also planning golfing and women in leadership events to help Black business leaders meet, connect, and develop business opportunities.

Support for the Journey
My goal is to help you re-imagine your busines life. With extensive experience in business Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized positivity approach will help you attain your goals.
Professionalism and Experience
As a professionally trained and experienced business leader, I have the tools and understanding to help entrepeurues and professionals like you to create the life business you imagine and get the profits your earned.
Entrepreneurial Leaders Should Be


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