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51 business Essentials


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“Entrepreneurs are a special brand of heroes. While achievement is a universal goal regardless of businesssector, entrepreneurs understand and accept that achievement isn’t for the faint at heart. The path traveledrequires stamina, courage, and passion. Alexis Coates has lifted the world of entrepreneurship with a foundationof knowledge on how to build and maintain stamina while growing a business; the necessity of demonstrating andexercising courage regardless of market condition; and why it is imperative to answer the call to action topursue your passion. This book is a “must read”, as well as the business ready-reference you’ve been waiting for.”1.Never pledge your personal property, and or assets in a business deal to a funder. The funder will not act in your favor, if the deal falls through.If a deal goes bad the funder will go after your personal property, assets and real estate to recover their investment. Avoided at all cost securing investments with your personal property. Investor will not act in your favor when the deal goes south. 2.Never commit yourself 100% to any plan; be sure to stay flexible. Avoided committing to any plan 100%, all deals required some flexibility when all does not go as plan. Your flexibility will allow you room to restructure your deal?


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